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Is your oil API licensed?

Vehicle manufacturers recommend oils meeting the latest ILSAC or API standard. Today that's GF-5 and API SN.

You get regular oil changes and take good care of your car, but did you know that 1 in 5 bulk oils API tested failed?  Meaning - 1 out of 5 shops in the USA do not put the oil in your car that the invoice states. Protect your car's engine the easy way and only choose an API licensed installer to change your oil. Then you can feel at ease knowing that you are getting the right oil.



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MOM has one main goal: to make sure that consumers receive high-quality oil.

CHECKER FLAG is a proud supporter of Motor Oil Matters, because motor oil does matter. CHECKER FLAG is the first and only API licensed installer in the State of Utah. API is American Petroleum Institute. API monitors the motor oil being used in automotive shops around the country. It is very important to only buy API licensed oils and only buy from API licensed installers. 

Question: Why are all the other shops in the State not API-Licensed?

Answer: Being licensed holds the shop to the highest standard possible. Being licensed means every drop of oil follows a chain of custody from the installer to the distributor to the oil manufacturer. Everyone involved is held to the same standard.

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